The photoallergic reaction is rarer, it usually appears when UV rays change the composition of the substance applied to the skin causing an immunological reaction. Skin roughness, red spots are just some of the typical symptoms of an allergic reaction to the sun. The type of reaction caused by the sun’s rays depends on several factors: the protective substance and the amount applied, the duration of exposure to the sun, the type of skin. People with very white skin belong to the sensitive group of phototoxic reaction. It is believed that melanin provides better protection, therefore people with darker skin are less vulnerable to burns and allergies to sunlight.

How to protect yourself

People with a reduced immune system also belong to the risk group. How to protect yourself? The best recommendation for protection against harmful UV rays that your dermatologist will give you is to stay out of the sun. This refers to the period Chile WhatsApp Number List from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the period in which the UV index is highest. If it is impossible to avoid the sun, then use cream with protection factor 15, if you have sensitive skin then choose cream with protection factor 30. It is important to apply it at least one hour before exposure to the sun, and apply it again after two hours, or after you get out of the water while at the beach.

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How to help yourself?

You should bear in mind that UV rays can penetrate through the glass, which means that you are exposed to the sun even while you are Bulgaria Phone Number List driving. How to help yourself? The first aid in terms of burning and skin irritation from the sun’s rays is to apply cold compresses. Do not immediately expose sunburned skin to the sun. If necessary, your doctor will prescribe corticosteroids for local use. Red wine has a more protective effect compared to white wine and beer. However, until now, there have not been enough studies that confirm or deny this benefit of red wine compared to other alcoholic beverages.

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