Many studies have proven that moderate consumption of red wine significantly. Reduces mortality from cardiovascular diseases. The beneficial effects of red wine were known even by hippocrates, who used it as an antiseptic. As a sedative, to improve the work of the digestive system. But also as part of daily food. Data on the healing properties of red wine wine has a rich and long history of thousands of years. The first archaeological evidence for its existence comes from 8000 years ago in georgia. While in europe it was noticed for the first time 4500 years ago. Wine was used and mentioned frequently by the ancient greeks and romans for religious and medicinal purposes, as well as in everyday social life. Its use in medicine dates back to the time.

The permitted amount of wine

Hippocrates, who used it as an antiseptic, as a sedative, to improve the work of the digestive system. But also as part of daily and healthy food. The french paradox about the protective role that red wine plays during fatty and high-calorie food. Comes from 1979, when the hypothesis was raised about the reduction of the occurrence of cardiovascular Vietnam WhatsApp Number List  diseases and mortality in france. Through moderate and regular consumption. Of summer. Four large studies carried out in different countries with different lifestyles and habits. Have once again confirmed the positive effect of moderate wine consumption in terms of reducing of the number of mortality and cardiovascular diseases.

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Red or white wine

The positive influence of red wine In 1993. The existence of  special components in wine, polyphenols (Resveratrol and procyanidins) which act as antioxidants and inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol (HDL) was proven. One of the most important Cambodia Phone Number List benefits that wine has shown is the increase in the level of good cholesterol in the blood, as a result of increased synthesis in the liver. Wine reduces the rate of myocardial infarction. There is a difference between French wines and German wines, where the better quality of French wine is attributed to its higher production of nitric oxide (NO) due to the presence of polyphenols.

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