The Employer Must Provide Them

The The Employee Cannot Decide to Return to an Office. It’s Voluntary. He Does Not Have the Option of Demanding to Work in an Office. Tools They Must Be Provid by the Employer. The Worker Can Use His Own Tools. (and He Receives Connection Assistance if His Salary is Less Than Minimum Wages. Duration Long-term […]

Evaluate the Company’s Technological

The Be Agre Between the Employee and the Employer for Specific Situations, Such as Emergencies or Specific Nes. Regular Teleworking in This Case, the Employee Works Remotely on a Recurring Basis, Generally Part of Their Workday is Carri Out From a Location Other Than the Company’s Central Office. Regular Teleworking Usually Requires a Formal Agreement […]

Teleworking and Make Adjustments

The Security Measures Establish Security Measures to Protect the Confidentiality of Company and Customer Information. Implement Vpn, Data Encryption, and Two-factor Authentication to Ensure Secure Communications. Establish Metrics and Kpis Define Key Performance Indicators (Kpis) to Measure the Productivity and Performance of Employees While Teleworking. Set Clear Goals for Expect Results. Promote Communication Establish Regular […]

As for the Potential Disadvantages

Cities and Regions, Since Teleworkers Can Live Outside the City Where Their Company is Bas. There is the Possible Isolation of Employees From Each Other and From Their Company and Potential Mental Health Problems, the Poor Ergonomics of Furniture in the Home and Its Consequent Effects on Physical Health, the Risks of Not Separating Work […]

Trust Their Employees to Work

The the Ability to Work From Different Locations. Trust and Autonomy Companies Must  Independently and Make Inform Decisions Without the Ne for Constant Supervision. Remote Management Companies Must Be Able to Manage Their Employees Remotely and Maintain Worker Motivation and Engagement. Appropriate Technology and Tools Companies Should Provide Their Employees With the Necessary Tools and […]

Work and Traditional Work

The Modality Requires Not Only the Skills of Their, but Also Others That Compensate for the Emotional and Communication Limitations That Face-to-face Provides. Not Every Worker, No Matter How Good They Are, Guarantees Being Successful With Their Work From Virtuality. Therefore, a Company’s Decision to ‘send You Home’ Must Begin With a Diagnosis of Your […]

Technology and Equipment Necessary

The Specific Solutions and Software for Teleworking. They Can Provide Resources and Guidance on How to Implement These Tools Effectively. Financing and Subsidy Programs in Certain Cases, Companies Can Access Financing Programs or Subsidies That Support Investment in  for Teleworking. These Programs May Vary by Region and Industry. Resources From International Organizations Organizations Such as […]

Activities or the Provision of Services

The at Home) Carri Out With the Aid of Telecommunication Means and/or a Computer.” for the Inter-american Development Bank (Idb), in Its Factor Trabajo Blog , It is About the “performance of Tasks From Another Place Other Than the Employer’s Office, Using Information and Communications Technologies (Ict), and the Telecommunication”. Colombian Legislation Goes Further and […]

With Technology Becoming More

The Has Now Become a Widespread and Accept Practice in Many Industries.  Advanc and Widespread Acceptance of Work Flexibility, Teleworking is Set to Continue to Grow and Evolve in the Years to Come. Characteristics of Teleworking and Objectives It Pursues Teleworking is a Work Modality That is Characteriz by Allowing Employees to Perform Their Tasks […]

Large Physical Offices, Teleworking

The Sustainability by Rucing Daily Commutes and the Ne for  Can Contribute to Rucing the Carbon Footprint and Promote More Sustainable Business Practices. Teleworking Image Generat by Ai With How is Teleworking Appli? Although the Essence of Teleworking is Simple – Working From Another Place Outside the Office – Its Implementation is Far From […]

With Different Technologies

The We See, the Diversity of Components in Each Iot Element Implies Working Depending on Their Functionality. For Example, in the Case of Connectivity, We Have Some Such as Bluetooth Smart Also Known as Ble or Bluetooth Low Energy, This is a Wireless Interconnection Technology That Prioritizes Low Energy Consumption. Zigbee Another Global Communication Standard, […]

Colombia and Open the Door

The Key Skills to Succe in It and Its Future in the Country. Driven by the Pandemic, Teleworking Became One of the Main Tools for Colombian Companies – and Around the World – to Maintain Productivity During the Time of Confinement. A Trend That, Although With Variations, is Sustain in  for New Service Delivery Models […]