Vacation for a long period, makes children forget all the knowledge. Learned during the school year studies have shown that taking time off from school and entertaining. Children during the summer holidays causes children to forget the knowledge learned during the school year. Therefore, reading books during the summer holidays is really beneficial. Especially for children who have not finished the school year with very good results. If your child has been struggling with reading, don’t let summer vacation be spent just playing. Read with him and help him improve his reading.

Be an example for your child

Reading four or five books during summer vacation is incredibly beneficial for any child. If the child resists and shows no interest in reading books, then let him choose the book he wants. Don’t limit yourself to books, read together the restaurant Canada WhatsApp Number List menu, city map, billboards and advertisements around the city, road signs, articles of clothing, etc. You can also spend your summer vacation practicing math exercises through games. It is important to create a close and relaxing connection with the child so that he does not experience his actions as an obligation or as an order.

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 A break from school hours

Count stones, mountains, rocks, clouds, turning counting into a game, so that the child can more easily accept the game and get involved in it. Be an Costa-Rica Phone Number List example for your child The child is the mirror of the parents, so try to be the ideal example for him. If you want your child to read during summer vacation, he will do so when he sees you with a book in his hand. Talk about a book and analyze the characters, tell the story and relate it to a world event. Approach the book to the child, if he accepts it once, be sure that you will have good results. Summer offers great opportunities to involve your child in different activities, through which he will not only play and have fun but also learn.

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