Decayed teeth are the most frequent and most dangerous source of bacteria. With any brushing or brushing with a hard-bristled brush, the gums are damaged and the number of bacteria in the blood increases. If you have a normal organism and immunity. Then the organism itself fights these bacteria and in this case nothing can happen, but if these bacteria enter the blood. They can stick or they can pass to some damaged area inside the heart causing. Vegetation or abscess – new source of infection which cannot always be cured by antibiotics. Bacterial growth can reach large dimensions (cm) and these bacteria can be motile.symptoms of endocarditis are temperature. Fever, night sweats, muscle and joint pain, difficulty breathing, weakness, paleness, weight loss.

Destruction of heart tissues and structures

In this case there is a high risk of destroying them and getting rid of them. This means that these parts can spread through the blood vessels throughout the body causing in the worst case a stroke or even a brain abscess. Tissue damage, especially Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List when the valves are attacked. Can impair their proper function and cause valve insufficiency, which can cause heart failure. Destruction of heart tissues and structures endocardial infection usually starts as non-bacterial thrombocidal endocarditis which, due to transient bacteria, is colonized by them. Usually with bacteria belonging to the streptococcal family, but in ¼ of the cases they are staphylococcal.

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Dangerous groups of endocarditis

Abnormal heart valves are usually affected, but also implants, such as artificial valves. Cardiac pacemaker electrodes (pacemaker electrodes), etc. Are also very affected. Endocarditis causes destruction of heart tissues and structures. As well as embolism (blockage) and can spread to other more distant organs. Dangerous France Telegram Number groups of endocarditis. The incidence is different according to different socio-economically developed areas, but the average percentage is 5-10 cases out of 100,000. Inhabitants. Although endocarditis can occur in anyone. It rarely occurs in people with healthy hearts. Different groups of dangerous endocarditis are: patients with congenital heart defects. Usually with valvular disease changes.

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