Dry skin mainly appears on the hands and feet. It causes itching which is often so intense that it interferes with your daily activities and disrupts your sleep at night. In dry areas, due to frequent itching, the skin thickens and becomes rough. The most unpleasant condition is the appearance of cracks in the skin that cause pain. Dry skin can cause. Dry skin can also cause skin inflammation – dermatitis. In such cases, skin redness also appears. Damaged skin can be the cause of the appearance of infection and as a consequence of this, bacterial infection can also appear. In such cases, you should definitely see a dermatology doctor and get the right skin treatment.

Protect your skin

Why does the skin dry out? The outer layer of skin (the one that peels off from sunburn) is made up of dead skin cells and Canada WhatsApp Number List natural oils (lipids). These natural lipids keep water in the body, so that it does not escape through the skin, and protect the skin against infections by not allowing the entry of microorganisms. The dead cells, together with the lipids of the skin, retain an amount of water that makes the skin soft, elastic and smooth. Dry skin occurs when the surface layer of the skin does not have enough water to maintain its elasticity. Frequent hand washing with soap, exposure to harsh chemicals, the normal aging process and certain.

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Home remedies

Types of skin diseases are just a few of the causes of disorganization of the surface layer of the skin. As a result of water loss, the skin shrinks and small  cracks appear. In this way, the surface layer of the skin becomes a source of infection. How do you help yourself? In addition to the advice of your dermatologist, here you will find some Ethiopia Telegram Number tips that will help you not to worsen the condition of your dry skin: Do not shower with hot water Lukewarm water is a better solution. Avoid baths or washing hands with very hot water. Choose less aggressive washing gel or less aggressive hand soap. Choose products prepared for sensitive skin.

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