In addition to the skin, winter has a negative effect on the quality of the hair as well. The cold air outside, against the hot and dry air in closed environments, negatively affects the quality of hair shine. Read our tips for healthy and shiny hair this time of year. What you need is proper hair care. Be more sensitive with your hair Hair care and dedication are essential to healthy and shiny hair, regardless of hair type. Intensive care is especially important for delicate and fragile hair. But, don’t forget, no matter what type of hair you have, it requires good and proper care during the winter season. Avoid over-drying your hair during cold winter days, straightening it or styling it with curly hair.

Regular washing of the head

You have to be especially careful when combing them. Hair is especially sensitive and fragile when wet, so avoid brushing too much immediately after Cambodia WhatsApp Number List washing. Regular washing of the head for a clean skin The need for washing the head is different for each individual. Washing your scalp depends on how oily your scalp is. During the winter period, use a shampoo that will moisturize your hair well, as well as a balm (softener) suitable for your hair. Treatment with oils that nourish the hair are also welcome during the winter months. During the period when the air is polluted, the hair gets greasy much faster, which is why it is necessary to wash them more often.

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Healthy food for healthy hair

Healthy food for healthy hair Hair quality also depends on how you eat. Rigorous diets can cause the body to lose healthy Australia Telegram Number minerals and vitamins. Including vitamin C, E, A supplements can help if you have weak and damaged hair. Iron deficiency is also a cause of thinning hair, so it is good to test if this is also the cause of your hair problem. Stress Stress plays an important role in hair quality. According to some research conducted, winter brings more stress. Stress affects the level of hormones and the function of hair follicle receptors. If you are under constant stress, then it is possible that this is also the problem of your hair falling out or of its lack of quality.

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