There are many situations where specific quotas are impos on sales that many people find tight. This time we will take a look at why sales work is said to be a grind. Top Reasons for Feel Sales  online survey conduct by women on career transition types in 2010, approximately 10% of people respond that they did not want to be a salesperson. Sales work gives people an image of hard work. For example, the quota seems to be very stressful and mentally difficult.

Here I’ll explain three low-level

reasons why I find sales to be difficult. Work  long hours is the norm because results are always requir and pressure increases. Sometimes my business partners are cold France Telegram Number Data towards me because results are always requir and pressure increases. Sales positions are usually subject to quotas. Since the company’s sales are entrust with be able to sell its own products, I sometimes feel the  be responsible for the company’s light and dark aspects. Although they understand in their hearts that the essence of sales is not to sell products but to provide solutions to customers.

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Many people still feel stress when

be ask by companies to sell. of productivity Why sales productivity in Japan is low Accord to a McKinsey & Company survey, Japanese sales reps spend 40% of their Azerbaijan Phone Number List work hours prepar proposals for clients. The ROI productivity in most areas is lower than global standards such as office equipment. Work hours tend to be longer because the tendency to evaluate how hard one works remains strong. Sometimes my business partners have a cold attitude towards me and sometimes you can get a cold attitude from your clients.

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