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Looking for some best practices for blog layout? Seeing examples of incredible blog design can motivate you to create your own masterpiece. With this list of the best blog designs, we can help you today. Blogging is a kind of storytelling. A well-designed blog becomes an extension of the stories you tell. A straightforward and rigorous tech blog can convey seriousness and clarity. A colorful, cartoony parenting blog suggests fun and relatability. Design’s ability to tell a story should never obscure or hinder the reader’s ability to read the blog. Smart blog design conveys a narrative while being conventional and pleasant to read (don’t create something so weird that people get confused.

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This is a selection of blogs that I believe are solid examples of outstanding blog design across a variety of businesses. For those of you who have already started blogging, you probably chose a WordPress theme and let the basic structure of that themedetermine the layout of your Italy Phone Number List site…which is fine. Choosing a great theme is one way to make sure your blog looks great, but it shouldn’t be the only consideration when deciding on the layout of your site. With so many options available today, deciding on the perfect blog style and design features can be a difficult task.


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We’ve compiled a list of a dozen of the best blog layouts (along with best practices) to help you make decisions about blog design, templates, fonts, color ples Sincerely, Jules Cup Jo TED Blog Copyblogger TechCrunch Jess Ann Kirby A cunning needle Final decision What makes a great blog design? blog layout Before we get started, let’s go over some basic blog design guidelines. You might think that a great Phone Number SG blog design needs. A lot of flashy animations, complex typography, including a number of exciting widgets, but that’s not the case. If your blog design is too busy, it can distract readers. Losing the most important aspect of a successful blog design: readability. Visitors need to be able to read your content without difficulty or they won’t return.

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