This position is considered to be unfavorable for your child, as it weakens the child’s motor skills. In the W position, the child sits on a wider base, their legs and body are fixed in one position. Almost everything is near the child and there is no need to try and manipulate the body. In this way motor skills such as: body balance, coordination in the space of the environment, coordination between hands and eyes are not ensured. As a result of this “inactivity” children lack good coordination to transfer balance from one point to another while walking, jumping, running, reaching objects during any obstacle.

What is the correct sitting position

In a way, the center of gravity of the body changes. Therefore it is thought that during this posture the muscles of the body, of the shins. In the upper part of the knee and below the knee weaken – says dr. Kalicanin. Does this also refer to children who Belize WhatsApp Number List have normal bone development, or only to those children who are at risk. A large number of orthopedic surgeons see this position as a transition of children’s development from one stage to another. Children have a greater normal mobility than adults. Muscles and tendons are more elastic. Therefore they can sit in this position, while we adults have long been unable to sit in that position.

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Until what age does this rule apply

We should not get used to sitting in that position as this increases the internal rotation of the ankles. If this way of sitting is practiced regularly, then the legs also come inward. Parents with children come to our practice who have never had any Taiwan WhatsApp Number List problems with colic during their first checkups. these children have trouble walking with their legs, lack stability and fall more often. We give recommendations on how they should sit, what shoes they should wear, sometimes we also recommend special orthopedic shoes with a straight mold, which does not allow the feet to turn from the bed, thus maintaining the regular way of walking. In certain cases, it is strictly forbidden to sit in the W position.

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