It’s also an effective way to track brand mentions (you should include common misspellings too so you’re not missing anything). Google Trends analyzes the popularity of queries on the search engine across various locations and languages. It uses graphs to compare the volume of queries over time and can be filtere by location and topics to give you interest over a timeframe. There are also advance trends that take context into account. Google Trends Google Trends 5) News Aggregator Google isn’t the only online solution for gathering news from online sources.

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A news aggregator app is a web application that gathers syndicate web content such as blogs, online newspapers, videos, and podcasts in one location for easy viewing. Agreggators save you time and effort as you can tailor what content you’re receiving into one place and get  latest database updates at a glance. Examples are: Associate Press (AP) – this app will give you ‘no-nonsense news reporting’ on major global events Google News – markete as the ‘source for breaking news headlines and personalize news stories base on your likes and interests’ Feely – this app flags important insights from everywhere, including news sites, blogs, and newsletters Pocket – a great tool for bookmarking and managing lists of to-read articles.

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Flipboard – offers a magazine-style format and a wide range of topics to choose from Redit – this aggregator has an active community and you can tailor your Phone Number SG 6) Conferences Industry-specific conferences and trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest marketing and technological developments. This is often where brands or tech developers unveil their latest features or solutions. Even if they don’t, seminar topics are likely to cover interesting topics that can help advance your knowlege in an area. Conferences that enable you to meet others in the digital marketing field and exchange ideas can be increibly beneficial. 

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