Cycling also affects the gain of endurance in the body. Reducing the occurrence of high blood pressure, strengthening immunity as well as reducing stress. Women who weigh 60 kg will spend 480 calories if they cycle at an average speed of 20-25 km per hour (60 min.). The faster and more intensively you cycle, the more Why should you  calories you will burn. Spend. However, experts do not recommend straining yourself with this activity. Studies have shown that people who ride bicycles 10 km. Twice a week, burn half a kilogram of fat per month. Cycling makes you feel younger regular cycling has an anti-aging effect. As circulation increases during cycling. The flow of acid to the surface of the skin also increases.

Strengthens immunity

In this way, toxins are also eliminated, skin tone improves and collagen production increases. Strengthens immunity Immunity protects Russia Phone Number List our body from various infections and systemic diseases. Studies have shown that controlled physical activity, such as cycling, strengthens our immunity. Increases energy level When you are tired and listless, cycling will give you back 20% of your energy, and reduce your fatigue by 65%. This is because cycling stimulates the brain to secrete (produce) dopamine, a hormone that is linked to energy levels. Even a slow bike ride, three times a week, during which you don’t even break a sweat, will make you feel happy.

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Reduces high blood pressure

Prevents the appearance of diseases in the spine and back pain while riding the bike the posture of the body is optimal and the movements of the legs Cyprus Phone Number List stimulate the muscles in the lower back. Where spinal pain usually occurs. Cycling also stimulates the small muscles around the back. Which can hardly be activated during other exercises. For a better sleep cycling is also recommended to have a good and quality sleep, and in the morning to feel sleepy and fresh. Half an hour of cycling reduces sleep-related problems by almost 50%. Prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. The heart is one of the most important organs when it comes to living a healthy life.and lack of physical activity can damage it. Cycling is ideal for strengthening the heart.

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