Excessive sweating is usually localized, limited to a certain part of the body (armpits, palms and soles of the feet), but it can also be generalized. Hyperhidrosis, although it is not a serious condition, often causes anxiety or depression, causing discomfort in people. Excessive sweating can cause withdrawal or withdrawal from social life, it can make you avoid making new contacts and socializing with them. Stress and emotional states can cause excessive sweating. In most cases, excessive sweating can be hereditary, especially if it appears in early childhood. Primary and secondary excessive sweating In addition to primary hyperhidrosis, there is also secondary hyperhidrosis, which is a common sign of the disease.

Are there side effects

Attention should be paid to sweating at night, as this can be a sign of many serious diseases, as well as to generalized sweating Sri Lanka Phone Number List throughout the body, which can be a sign of excessive activity of the thyroid gland. Often, the increase in body weight is one of the factors that cause excessive sweating. Other factors for its appearance are: diabetes, malignant diseases, metabolic disorders, drinking certain medicines, neurological diseases, etc. The best way to get rid of excessive sweating in the armpits is Botox treatment At the moment when antiperspirants do not perform their function, and do not affect the reduction of sweat and unpleasant odor, the application of Botox gives successful results.

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How is this procedure performed

How is this procedure performed. Local Vietnam Phone Number List anesthesia is given in the area of ​​application, then the skin is cleaned with disinfectant. Using a marker, the skin is divided into 15 squares. Botox is applied directly to the armpit area. The treatment lasts 15 minutes. The first effects of sweat reduction will be noticed after 4 weeks. The effects of botox therapy in terms of excessive sweating are much more long-term compared to other botox treatments. Which last 4-5 months and then repeat treatment is necessary. Regarding the treatment of excessive sweating, the effect lasts 7-9 months after the application of botox. Are there side effects. There are no serious side effects from using botox.

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