Second, the agent should speak clearly in order to be heard and understood. They should also control their voice levels. For example, when an agent needs to emphasize certain words or messages, they need to raise their voice slightly. Otherwise they need to speak in a gentle voice. Confidence Many customers will not listen to agents for solutions to their problems. Agents may have a dispute with customers who doubt what they say and suspect the company itself.

Choose the operating system

This situation requires a confident agent who firmly believes in his new database own words and knowledge. Technical knowledge In those days, the work of the call center was no longer limited to the telephone. Most call center companies use information and communication technologies such as virtual agent chatbots and computer technology integrations. Therefore, agents should know how to use such technologies to handle different functions.

You have complete control over the server configuration

 Typing Skills It is one of the most in-demand skills for live cat agents. They need to respond to all customers by typing so they should write fast. At the Phone Number SG same time, agents must ensure that the information written in a hurry is accurate and sufficient and free of spelling errors. Why is central assessment important? As mentioned above, central agents need more than one skill to perform well.

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