The first place we recommend is in the center . This is the Castle Park, a vast green area that surrounds the imposing Spanish Fort. Why does our guide “where to study outdoors in L’Aquila” start with a very central place? It’s simple: the park is easily accessible. The main entrance is from Piazzale Battaglione degli Alpini, where the famous Luminosa Fountain stands. In reality, there are several accesses from numerous points such as Viale Malta and Viale Tagliacozzo. That is, you will have no problems arriving and you will be able to enjoy the peace of the park and sit in the shade of the pine trees to study.

Villa Comunale to study while staying 

The area is very well kept and is equipped with numerous Ivory Coast Phone Number List benches. There is also a play area reserved for children. If you have taken advantage of Unicusano’s distance learning method to resume your studies as an adult and you already have children, Parco del Castello is truly the ideal place to combine study and family. Study and sport at Parco del Sole Do you have to prepare for exams but don’t want to give up doing some sport? Interspersing your study with breaks is an absolutely positive habit. Super-dives into studying aren’t as fruitful without a break.

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Last stop to study outdoors

Especially near the exam date, the mind is tired and tension tends to increase. To reduce anxiety it is good to tire the body. We therefore recommend Peru Phone Number List that you study outdoors and end the study session with a bit of sport in the equipped area of ​​Parco del Sole. The park is located just outside the walls of L’Aquila next to the Basilica of Collemaggio. The area underwent renovation after the 2009 earthquake and is truly perfect for concentrating. The park extends for 4 hectares and you will have the opportunity to find a quiet place even on the days when it is busiest. The area is easily accessible.

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