When the consumer Over time, and he points out that many teenagers he has treat in therapy are so engross in video games that they don’t even get up to go to the bathroom. For Nicholas Kardaras, the evidence of technology’s dependency is obvious. The solution? A digital detox: a family vacation for a long weekend in a place without smartphones, without portable consoles , without video games, without social mia. Another issue is the use of technology in the classroom. It is the new frontier of Italian school.

Research shows that

Children learn better at school if two seo expate bd or three have to share a single device, because this forces them to collaborate. Many parents thus feel reliev of responsibility because it is the school itself that forces children to use electronic devices. In fact, many accuse schools of rushing to introduce technology to appear to be in step with the times without thinking about how it could have a pagogical and ucational impact on children. The very tool they must use to complete their work is the very cause of distraction from the work being done.

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Et limits on how much kids can Phone Number SG use all this technology, even if they’re using it to do homework. But time management and distraction are problems that adults also face on a daily basis, both at work and in their personal lives, using these devices. Technology has chang so rapidly over the last years and so there is a ne for field research to truly understand how screen time is affecting children’s brains. Probably the best pagogical advice in our time is: common sense. Like most things in life, the solution may be moderation and regulation of all this technology. But many parents point out that the use and understanding of technology is a valuable skill to acquire for the future.

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