Each of us has had a nosebleed at least once. But if this happens to you often, you should consult your doctor. Nosebleeds may also be related to another condition called hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. Regarding this condition, in addition to nosebleeds, another accompanying symptom is the appearance of red dots on the face, lips and limbs. These patients have abnormal blood vessels, and as a result, frequent nosebleeds occur. When does it manifest? Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia can appear at any age, starting in infancy. But usually the symptoms appear in older people. Symptoms The most common symptom is nosebleeds, which become more and more serious over time.

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Bleeding starts for no reason, and appears even during the slightest injury to the nose. Other accompanying symptoms are the appearance of red spots on the face, lips and limbs. Diagnosing the disease is a real challenge Bleeding and other symptoms of the disease manifest in different ways, even in other family members. Abnormal blood  Colombia WhatsApp Number List  vessels can be found in the brain and lungs, and often the first symptom of the disease is bleeding in the lungs or stroke. Another reason for the late diagnosis of the disease is the lack of information of doctors about this condition. treatment As with any disease, early detection of the disease is the first step in treatment. The type of treatment depends on the degree of development and manifestation of the disease.

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One of the treatment options is laser India Telegram Number treatment of bleeding lesions. Long ago, surgery was a standard solution, which today has been replaced by interventional. Procedures by means of which anomalies of blood vessels are resolved.more aware of their health. However, i think a lot more work needs to be done in terms of raising awareness. And urological check-ups should be carried out the same way women carry out gynecological checks. Any disease that is detected in time, whether it is cancer or infertility problems. Can be reacted and cured at a high level. Therefore, my recommendation is that men at least once a year perform urological checks. Regardless of age, since if in older people the current problem is with the prostate.

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