The child’s body begins to experience spasms. The muscles contract causing them to lose control, while the child’s lips turn a bruised color. The stage of spasms or febrile convulsions is unpleasant, as the child loses body control, eye control and may even lose consciousness. Although it seems alarming and scary, you should actually know that it is not a dangerous condition. Sometimes, febrile convulsion appears in milder forms: the child’s body contracts or the child simply rolls his eyes. Usually, this condition appears in children under the age of 5, lasts for a period of time of 10 minutes starting from the moment of appearance.

How should you act during

In most cases, this condition does not have any consequences, nor does it result or continue with epileptic episodes. You must not forget that the fever, which is caused by the temperature due to a possible infection in the child’s body, which can Tunisia Phone Number List then provoke the appearance of a febrile convulsion, often seems alarming and scary, but in reality they are allies who fight against infections. How should you act during the occurrence of febrile convulsion? If the child vomits or saliva accumulates in his mouth, you should turn the child’s body and head to one side, so that he does not suffocate and has better breathing. During these minutes, you should not squeeze the child and try to stop the uncontrolled movements caused by this condition.

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If the febrile convulsions last

You should not leave the child alone. Do not try to force anything into the child’s mouth to stop tongue biting. This can increase the risk of injury. If the febrile convulsions last more than 10-15 minutes, then you should call the emergency in order to France WhatsApp Number List send the child to the hospital. Try to describe the whole incident to the doctor in detail. After the febrile convulsion passes, the most important step is to act immediately to calm the fever and identify the cause of its occurrence. Follow the doctor’s instructions, and remember that you must give the treatment to the child in a disciplined manner, at regular time intervals.

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