Engagement on social meia shows the level at which people are interacting with your content and brand. Altimeter research found that over a third of content executives use engagement as a metric to gauge performance. Types of engagement metrics include clicks. Shares. Likes. And brand mentions. How to measure social meia roi reach – this metric is all about who sees and interacts with you on social meia. It’s about audience size and shares. It looks at how far your social meia content travels and is seen. It can be harder to measure than engagement as it only looks at how many people saw your post. But it’s important to track. Leads – social meia plays a role in lead generation and it’s important to know which channels provide leads and what content drives those leads.

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For roi you want to be able to link your campaigns to activity so knowing your lead counts is useful to show performance. Conversions – when you put so much new database effort into your social meia content and posts. It’s important to know at what level they convert. The easiest way to do this is to use utm parameters on the links so you can track clicks by campaign and platform. How do you track roi for social meia? Once you select a goal or goals for your social meia activities. You will nee to set up a system for tracking your roi. The easiest way to do this is to set a goal in google analytics.

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 You can do this by setting up goals and event tracking. Read through our google analytics goals guide to understand all that’s involve and what you nee to do. If you Phone Number SG want to track other metrics – likes. Shares and brand mentions – use a platform like buffer or ahrefs. If you’re new to google analytics watch this video to get a step-by-step guide on how to use it. Note: be aware that google analytics 4 has replace universal analytics (which most marketers use). So make sure you’re up to spee with changes so you can account for them in your campaigns.

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