Symptoms of heart valve diseases can appear depending on the speed of development of the disease. If the disease progresses slowly, the heart may adapt to the symptoms and they may not be noticed. Some of the symptoms are similar to those of heart failure: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing even during the slightest physical activity, swelling that appears in the legs, joints or ankles, hands and abdomen. . Other symptoms include: irregular heart beat or rhythm (arrhythmia), chest pain (may be mild), fatigue, dizziness or loss of consciousness, fever (bacterial endocarditis), weight gain due to water accumulation in the body. Causes Heart valve diseases can be congenital but can also appear over the years in life.

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The most common causes are: degenerative changes of the valves regardless of age. Rheumatic fever (very rare nowadays), bacterial endocarditis (infection of the valves inside the heart). High blood pressure and atherosclerosis can damage the aortic valve . Heart attack can damage the muscles that control the valves, trauma. Diagnosis Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List detection of a “heart murmur” is achieved through a routine examination with a stethoscope which indicates the possible possibility of valve disease. The way to find the correct diagnosis is also done by means of ekg (electrocardiogram), x-ray photography of the chest. Echo of the heart is the most important method for diagnosing and visualizing the valves, with the help of which their function is also determined .

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The diagnostic process, if necessary. Can also be completed by performing a stress test (stress test) and coronary angiography. Treatment treatment depends on the degree of damage to the valves. Mild and moderate degrees of echocardiographic valve damage can usually be resolved by conservative drug therapy. More advanced valve Belgium Phone Number List damage is usually resolved by surgery. Valve surgery actually is the operation of opening the heart with the help of extracoronary circulation. Which can be performed by the classical method and sometimes. Also by means of the minimally invasive procedure.

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