In Philosophical Investigations , he will leave this sentence: “Philosophy is a fight against the spell of our understanding through our language” (Wittgenstein, 2002, p. 123). In this work, philosophy continues to be an activity, although now aim at revealing what Wittgenstein calls “deep grammar” of linguistic expressions , a task that thwarts any attempt to develop philosophical theories, since philosophical work, rather than solving problems, simply , dissolves them. These are not answers that this work provides, but rather its exercise – always of an illuminating nature – makes them superfluous by showing the non-existence of true philosophical problems.

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In some passage, he will say that philosophy “(…) [leaves everything as it is” (Wittgenstein, 2002, p. 129). In both cases, this constitutes a vision that attacks an entire tradition: that forg from b2b leads distant Greece, with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; the same one that went through the Middle Ages at the hands of Thomas Aquinas, to reach modernity with Descartes, Hegel and Kant, a tradition that conceiv philosophy as a knowlge that should contain fundamental principles and definitive truths, and that was moving steadily forward. sure towards its complete achievement.

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 Wittgenstein was one of the thinkers who crack this confident certainty. Of course: the paradox is that the formula establish by Wittgenstein (in any of its two stages) does not allow it to be a definition of philosophy, and therefore just another definition. But the valuable thing about this proposal, as I can see the issue, is that it moves away from that Phone Number SG traditional perspective that throughout Western history has conceiv of philosophy as a type of essential knowlge, one of the highest creations of human reason, a type of exemplary knowlge capable of providing the keys to existence and leading man along the straight path of wisdom, complete happiness and progress.

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