The hot and humid environment in which the foot is exposed during the summer season due to closed shoes and excessive sweating. Is the ideal environment for the appearance and multiplication of fungal infections. One of the risk factors is when people walk barefoot in damp places. Environments such as swimming pools, saunas, public toilets are the places where these infections spread most often – said dr. Vesna pljakoska. Dermatovenerologist at the ‘acibadem sistina’ clinical hospital. Doctors explain that sometimes the exact source of the appearance of the fungal infection. Cannot be determined, as symptoms can appear after a long period. So you should be careful in choosing cosmetics and use sterilized pedicure sets.

Maintaining hygiene against

For hygienic reasons, when you try on new shoes. Always wear socks – says dr. Vesna pljakoska. She explains that mycotic infection also occurs. Usually in athletes, as their feet are subjected to constant exposure to excessive sweating. Common symptoms of fungal infections on the feet are: redness. Itching, cracks between the toes, stinging Mexico WhatsApp Number List sensation, peeling of the skin. The fungal infection can also spread to the nails. Which change their shape and color and can also be accompanied by a characteristic smell. What is important, as with any other disease. Is the correct establishment of the diagnosis, which is found through clinical control by a specialized doctor and through certain microbiological examinations.

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The emergence of infections

According to doctors, patients should not decide on their own to Albania Phone Number List be treated with various creams and preparations, because with the wrong treatment, the condition may worsen. In daily practice, patients buy creams with their minds, and sometimes this turns out to be successful. But often, these creams cover the real clinical picture, complicating and prolonging the treatment. Patients should never use oral therapy with their mind, due to the occurrence of serious side effects – said . Dermatovenereologists advise paying attention to the hygiene of the feet, to prevent the occurrence of fungal infections, the treatment of which, depending on the clinical appearance, can last up to three to four months.

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