Treatment of cardiovascular  uch a hybrid intervention, cooperation between the cardiovascular surgeon and the interventional cardiologist is necessary. This multidisciplinary approach is required because of the complicated intervention. And because during the intervention the strategy can change, that is, the planned interventional procedure can end with classical interventional surgery. What is a hybrid hall? The hybrid room is a specific surgical room, with radiological equipment. Which enables group work in sterile conditions of interventional cardiologists. Anesthesiologists, echocardiographers, cardiac surgeons or vascular surgeons. This is usually applied to combined vascular procedures. Where the interventional cardiologist completes one part of the procedure, and then the surgeon continues with the other procedure.

Procedure with maximum security

During the intervention there is the possibility of determining the effect of the surgical procedure and this makes it an even Panama Phone Number List more important method. Procedure with maximum security certain problems or certain complications that appear during. Surgical or interventional treatment can be determined and corrected immediately during the performance of this procedure (the mobility of the grafts, the function of the artificial valves…). In this way. Maximum security of the procedure and correction is achieved before this operative field is completed. This is a safe and ideal way to treat patients with complicated health problems. This includes patients at an advanced age. Whave other accompanying diseases that relatively or absolutely prevent or are against the operative procedure.

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 performed in the hybrid room

What procedures are performed in the hybrid room. Transcatheter replacement / repair of the aorta, mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary valves – transcatheter solution of aortic aneurysm – thoracic. Abdominal – combined endocardial/epocardial ablation during cardiac arrhythmias. Solution of congenital heart defects, with interventional procedures – interventional procedures during malignant diseases. Many new interventional Tunisia Phone Number List procedures in other diseases which are in the stages of clinical trials. Hybrid approach to cardiovascular disease the “acibadem sistina” clinical hospital has performed the methods of this procedure in a pioneering way. Since ith complex pathologies, and those who, in addition to heart problems,  the beginning of the opening of the hospital.

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