Cervical cancer ranks second in incidence in underdeveloped countries, seventh in developed countries, and is the number one cause of death in terms of genital cancer. The complete removal of cancer in the cervix is ​​performed by means of radical gynecological surgery known as Wertheim-Meigs (Wertheim-Meigs). In patients with cervical cancer who have not given birth to children, the treatment option is radical trachelectomy. Fast recovery after surgical treatment Minimally invasive oncological surgery (laparoscopy) makes it possible to remove the tumor and at the same time improves the quality of life of the operated woman.

Both minimally invasive

The intervention is performed through several Slovenia Phone Number List punctures in the abdomen, the patient will not have visible wounds. Thus reducing the time of stay in the hospital up to 5 days, also reducing the use of drugs. Analgesics, antibiotics, thromboprophylactic drugs, while the catheter is removed on the day third. The patient can return to daily activities for a short time. And if necessary, she should start chemotherapy and radiotherapy as soon as possible, explains doc. Dr. Nikola bazhakov, obstetrician-gynecologist at the “acibadem sistina.clinical hospital. How can the uterus be saved in young patients.

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How can the uterus be saved

Statistical data show that 15% of all cervical cancers and 45% of operated patients. Are under the age of 40 who have never given birth to children. In such cases in order to preserve the uterus, patients are treated with oncological therapy. Traditional USA Phone Number List surgery in women with cervical cancer is a sterile procedure by which the uterus is removed. Regardless of whether it is performed by an open or laparoscopic method. On the other hand, to achieve oncological safety and to preserve the woman’s fertility (to preserve the uterus), the french gynecologist daniel dargent introduced or made known the radical. Trachelectomy (removing only the cervix in which it is confirmed the presence of cancer), and with laparoscopic removal of the lymph nodes in the small pelvis (pelvis).

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