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Which was practic with devotion on the grounds of oxford. He, of course, and as he corresponds to an outsider , did not recognize any epigone or school. Wittgenstein’s fundamental concern (which took the form of a true obsession) was language . Those two aspects of thought that i allud to before, precisely, start in correspondence with the direction indicat by each of the two stages of his thought, which are reflect in two books: the tractatus logico-philosophicus, publish in 1921, and the philosophical investigations , posthumous work, which was publish in 1953.

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And although language was the theme that mobiliz his concern and his desire for answers throughout his life, the reflections on philosophy, and, therefore, the presence of a conception about it, appear scatter in his works although with the forcefulness typical of someone who b2b email list has thought carefully about the subject. His conception of language was noticeably modifi from one stage of his work to another, but as to the way in which he view philosophy, his perspective remain without substantial changes. Philosophy, he says in the Tractatus , is an activity of linguistic criticism, and by no means a type of knowlge.

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 Philosophy cannot be a science, nor be situat on the side of it. Even his own speech, the one found in the pages of the Tractatus , to the extent that it is philosophical, is Phone Number SG compos, says Wittgenstein, of absurd statements, but which turn out to be illuminating. Precisely, most of the problems that have been rais in philosophy and the statements that supposly make up this knowlge constitute pseudo-problems and nonsense, and this is due to ignorance of the mechanisms that govern the dynamics of language.

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