To the search engine. There are already billion users who use. Tikor and this number will probably continue to grow. Worldwide there are over billion downloads of the application. On average a person interacts with the app times daily dictating almost an hour a day ( minutes to be precise) to viewing content publish on the platform by other users. Another data that shows the impact that Tekoa having in the world of social mica is the one that shows a surge in turnover between and This incurable percentage is even more indicative because it refers to a period in which.

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The main social networks record a stalemate or even a decline in revenue. Download photo editing servies our guide now to find out which are the most effective. Trends for growing your business on social mica. The average age of Tic Tock members is increasing titoki ads Until recently Tikor was only the social network for young people in fact the most present and active group was between and years old. It is probably this fact that still holds back B B companies from investing in the Chinese social network. The trends however show a growth in the average age and the data publish by.

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Sane Management regarding content creators highlights. This change are ag between Phone Number SG and years between and years old over years old. Previous research said that only . of content creators on Ikot were over the age of . The evolution is evident and the trend suggests a further increase in active adults on the platform. That’s why B B marketing nes to keep an eye on. Tikor and the types of ads it makes available to advertisers. YouTube ADS: what are they and why are they important for a business. GUIDO MARABINI DECEMBER YouTube ads Videos are the most successful type of online content.

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