Do you aspire to work in a third sector organisation? The three-year degree in sociology in L’Aquila with the Excellence Path opens the doors of private companies, public bodies, employment agencies and third sector associations. The preparation offered, in fact, allows you to cover the roles of information acquisition technician, professional interviewer and surveyor and technician for employment services. Guide to the three-year degree in sociology in L’Aquila To access the three-year degree course in sociology you must have a high school diploma. The course lasts three years and includes exams in subjects such as statistics, analysis models for qualitative and quantitative research

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Sociology of economic processes, information technology, sociology of political phenomena and more. What is the excellence path. The excellence Malta Phone Number List path is a new university formula proposed by unicusano. The university’s educational offer is constantly evolving and this new path includes two important innovations: mentors exemptions. How the three-year degree in sociology works the course of study can be accessed online. That is, you don’t have to go to the university to take the lessons because. They are available on the e-learning platform, accessible 24 hours a day. Your presence at the university is only required to take exams and discuss the final thesis.

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You will have access to the latter upon completion of the 180 training credit course. What changes compared to a traditional degree course. Unlike the traditional degree, the one with the excellence path does not include exams on the entire South-Korea Phone Number List program of the single subject. You will be able to study a little at a time and divide the exams into exemptions. This way you will approach your studies with greater peace of mind and be able to be more productive. In case of need, among other things, you can count on the support of the mentor, absent from traditional courses. He is a researcher from the sociology faculty. . The benefits for the student if you decide to enroll in the three-year degree in sociology.

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