The degree in literature with a curriculum of literary and linguistic subjects is accessible to students with a good command of italian and a european language. The course lasts 3 years during which you will have to take exams for a total of 180 training credits. At the end of the course, the university qualification obtained will allow you to work in museums. Libraries, educational training centers and public relations agencies. What is the excellence path. Unicusano expands the training proposal with the excellence path. This is a formula that combines distance learning with two new features. Assistance to students provided by the new mentor. Figure and the classic exams divided into exemptions.

The advantages for the student

How the three-year degree in literature works – Literary and linguistic subjects No transfers and traveling back and forth to attend lessons. The faculty’s e-learning platform contains all the teachers’ courses and teaching materials. What does it mean? Follow the lessons from home or the office and freely organize the time to dedicate to studying. You only go to the university to take exams in subjects such as general linguistics, Italian Jordan Phone Number List literature, English language and computer skills. What changes compared to a traditional degree course.  The first big news is the exams divided into exemptions. The programs of the various subjects are therefore divided into intermediate tests. Which focus on only part of the teaching material.

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What is the Excellence Path

This way you study more calmly without the super demanding dives throughout the program. If you then have any problems/doubts, you have the opportunity to request the mentor’s support. You will thus receive targeted and personalized Portugal Phone Number List support because the mentor is a member of the faculty, who is entrusted only with literature students. The advantages for the student Do you want to understand what benefits you would benefit from? Below is a small list: calmer path graduation within the established time frame possibility of not sacrificing private/working life constant assistance from the mentor The fee amounts to 5000 euros per year.

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