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MUM is an important priority inside the Googleplex, so you should always pay attention to it. 2. Controversy. Is MUM a ranking factor or not? Ever since the announcement of the news about MUM, many people have wondered . Google makes thousands of updates to its ranking algorithms every year. Among them, there are a number of noteworthy updates. BERT is a typical example. In 2019, BERT was launched worldwide by Google and was hailed as the most important update in 5 years. And sure enough, BERT impacted about 10% of search queries. Rank Brain rolled out in the spring of 2015 is another example of an algorithm update that had a significant impact on the SERPs.

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Releasing more information about MUM, it’s clear Asia Mobile Number List that SEO experts and Google customers should pay attention. Roger Montti wrote about a patent that he believes could provide more insight into the inner workings of MUM. Now, let’s consider whether MUM is a ranking factor or not. 3. MUM Evidence is not a ranking factor In his introduction to MUM in May 2021, Pandu Nayak, Google fellow and vice president of Search, made it clear that MUM technology was not yet in use. “Today’s search engines are not sophisticated enough to answer like an expert. But with new technology called the Multitasking Unified Model, or MUM, we’re getting closer to helping you solve these types of complex needs. So in the future, you will have fewer searches to get the job done.

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And updates are completed in the near future, Google will Iran Phone Number List announce when they will be available. Google Search employee Liaison Danny Sullivan answered “yes” to the question of whether the industry will gain prominence when MUM appears in search. Screenshot from Twitter, June 2022 4. Proof MUM is a ranking factor Only 6 months after launch, RankBrain was officially announced. And most updates are not announced or confirmed by Google. However, Google has been more open about sharing impactful updates before they go live. For example, BERT was first announced in November 2018, rolled out to English searches in October 2019, and rolled out worldwide later in the year in December. We have even more time to prepare for Website Experience and Key Web Metrics. Google says MUM is coming and will be a big deal.

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