If you are liking this content I promise to The Ultimate. Bring you much more and better, for the moment. I leave you my Twitter, we are in contact. I have not yet started to figure out what niche I am interested in doing. I have not seen competition, CPC, or any type of metric that you may be thinking about. Time is money and I can assure you that if you invest it here. It will return. Many of us already know that choosing niches is one of the most important. Parts when you want to monetize and if you make a mistake here you. Will not be able to do anything to solve it. Remember that time is against you and frustration increases as time runs out.

When you start and The Ultimate consume the content that is on the Internet

This method comes hand in hand with top industry data something that. I am sure happens to many of you, because it happened to me too. When you start and consume the content that is on the. Internet and they teach you how they find niches and all this work. You are very clear, but when you take action you start to get confused. Either you see everything as a possible niche, or. You don’t see anything that catches your attention. I think this way of looking for niches is more for when your head adjusts and. It is effective there because you already know. What can work and what can’t, that’s where. You really detect gaps that can work.

Time is money and I can assure you that if you invest

What I am telling you here is the Phone Number SG beginning of an objective choice of niches. Where we stick to certain characteristics (all or just some can be met) to ensure. The shot and not waste that motivation that leads you to take the step. of trying to monetize. Now yes, we are going to carry out an analysis of each niche. If you are wondering how we are going to analyze a thousand niches, I will tell you that in 20 minutes , and perhaps we will have more time. In my Excel screenshot you can see how I have the niches divided into several columns. I do this this way because we are going to use an Ahrefs functionality called “Batch Analysis.

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