This device is available for patients at the “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital. Dr. Lilijana Muratovska, specialist in nuclear medicine, explains that PET/CT is also applied in neurology, cardiology and in cases of inflammation. In this way, this device opens a new era in the diagnosis and treatment of some neurological and cardiological diseases. At what stage of cancer is PET/CT used? PET/CT for early disease diagnosis – This method offers the possibility of diagnosing many disorders at an early stage. During PET/CT imaging, even tumors up to 5 mm in size can be observed or detected, because information about the patient’s body is obtained through images obtained by advanced computer systems.

Clinical cases in which PET/CT is applied

Pet/ct using the increase in glucose metabolism and the characteristic of cancer cells. Facilitates the establishment of a fast and safe diagnosis. Without the need to take samples. Pet/ct during metastases – pet/ct also offers an important advantage in Ukraine Phone Number List determining the spread of the disease to the surrounding tissues or lymph nodes. As well as to determine the existence of metastases or not. Therefore, pet/ct is indispensable in determining the local or distant extent of the disease surface, for example, whether the lung tumor has spread to other internal organs. Adrenal glands or lymph nodes (whether there are metastases or not). , in other words pet/ct helps to determine the stage of the disease.

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At what stage of cancer is PET/CT used

Pet/ct after treatment – ​​many types of cancer can be cured if diagnosed early. For example, the 5-year survival rate for patients diagnosed with early-stage Cambodia WhatsApp Number List breast cancer is over 80%. Pet enables the analysis of tissue metabolism. According to which it will be possible to determine whether the lesion. Whose anatomical presence is determined, is malignant or benign. Pet can also be used to monitor the response to therapy in the case of malignant diseases. For example, in the case of lymphoma, enlarged lymph nodes can be reduced with treatment. But there are cases where they cannot be completely removed. In many cases, it happens that the lymph nodes may remain slightly enlarged even after treatment.

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