Family history: one of the most important risk factors is if someone in the closest family circle, especially on the mother’s side (mother, aunt, grandmother) have had cancer. The risk is even greater if these close family members have had breast cancer before menopause and/or have undergone surgery on both breasts. Estrogen hormone : the earlier women have their first period (e.g. before the age of 12), the later they will enter menopause (e.g. at the age of 55) and the risk of breast cancer is higher. up. It is believed that the use of birth control pills increases the risk of breast cancer. Postmenopausal hormone therapy: long-termuse of combined hormonal.

 Breast cancer occurs in women

Drugs containing estrogen and medroxyprogesterone acetate prescribed by gynecologists or obstetricians (obstetricians). With the aim of reducing problems during the menopause, such as menstrual cramps hot. Increases the Namibia WhatsApp Number List risk of breast cancer more than their estrogen-only counterparts. Performing a previous breast biopsy. Secondary hyperplasias that can be detected during a breast biopsy increase the risk of breast cancer 1.5-2 times (non-significantly). Atypical ductal hyperplasia 3-5 times (to the extent of controlled) and lobular cancer in situ (does not spread in its own place) or atypical. Ductal hyperplasia or lobular hyperplasia followed by family history increase the risk of breast cancer 8-10 times.

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Hereditary breast cancer

History of breast cancer: cancer in one breast almost doubles the risk of cancer in the other breast. Radiotherapy: patients who have undergone breast irradiation due to other types of cancer during. Childhood (lymphoma, etc.), are more Argentina Phone Number List at risk of developing breast cancer. Diet and environmental factors: a diet rich in fat and increased body weight increase the risk of breast cancer. Especially in menopausal women. While alcohol consumption (more than one glass per day) also increases risk. The effect of smoking is still debated. On the other hand. It has become known that regular exercises and regular physical activity reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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