In addition to the genetic factor in the appearance of open pores, environmental factors also influence. This especially refers to heating, which dilates blood vessels and at the same time makes facial defects more visible. Inappropriate cosmetic treatments and taking certain medications can add to open pores and reduce self-confidence. Can enlarged pores disappear forever? If the open pores are too pronounced, they cause a problem that affects the self-confidence of these people and must be treated immediately. The simplest and most efficient treatment is the regeneration of the upper layer of the skin and the stimulation of collagen with the powerful eCO2 laser.

Can enlarged pores disappear forever

With the action of the energy from the laser rays, which smooths the surface of the face, the pores are completely closed. The new collagen fills the Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List cracks that appear from the open pores, smooths the skin and gives it volume. Only if you choose the right treatment will you have soft and beautiful skin. Other effective treatment for this problem practically does not exist. The revolutionary 3.2.1 treatment for the problem of open pores Candidates for this treatment can be all people over the age of 18, although older people are of great interest in the treatment of this problem because over the years the skin becomes more damaged and the pores become more visible.

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Visible results in two weeks

The three treatments are the gold standard for treating open UK Email List pores on the face. Treatment 3.2.1 has a faster effect and gives excellent results. Especially in closing enlarged pores. It starts with a light laser therapy and works on shallow areas of the skin. Then every two weeks more intensive therapy is performed. The treatments last about an hour, and after the treatment you should not use powder for two days. You should not use sunscreen for a month, and you should not peel. Visible results in two weeks you will notice the first visible effects after two weeks. It is believed that after 6 months from the last treatment the best results from the treatment are achieved.

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