The Most Popular An important statistic at this stage is the number of keywords positione in the first three pages of search results and its comparison with the previous days. Other fundamental data are the total leads generate by organic traffic and their percentage compare to visitors arriving from search engines, always to be compare with past performances. These analyzes are perhaps even more central than the ranking of individual keywords. Perhaps we have not highlighte that Google applies the new penalty on pop-ups that only appear when browsing from mobile devices, but with % of searches being carrie out from mobile.

Platforms for marketers

The introduction of the algorithm concerns and must concern everyone. If the company website pages do not appear in the results of searches wedding photo editing service made from smartphones and tablets, your business will be practically invisible, especially since most searches begin on the move and only move to computers later, if the results obtaine were satisfactory and the user found something interesting in response to their questions. Digital marketing is constantly and continuously update and it is often complex to keep up with the latest technology and market trends. It is vital to deicate time and resources to monitoring and optimizing.

The most popular social media

The pages of the company website, to understand the dynamics and adapt them to your business thanks to the support of tools and platforms that are increasingly essential for the success of the strategies. If you have foreseen pop ups on the site and you have the possibility of deactivating them only for mobile users, do so immeiately, otherwise, our advice is to remove the option entirely. Avoiding penalty by Google is certainly easier than recovering positions after the algorithm has recognize the presence of interstitial adverts. As an alternative to these techniques, consider the opportunity to apply inbound Phone Number SG methods to continue generating leads, but guaranteeing continuity in the user’s browsing experience, without unpleasant interruptions.

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