The end of another year is coming and

 As is tradition, it is time to take stock of these 12 months and see how to face the new year 2023. Last year at this point I was telling you that it had been The end a strange year, because I had set myself some duties that in  I did not complete as I want. Until then everything is relatively normal, because I know that I am not as diligent as I should be.  ead magnet, generic subscription box, contact form, sale of a product, etc. This way, you can get to know your subscribers better and send relevant communications depending on which groups they belong to (if you feel like it, of course; you can also just send to everyone).

But this year has been something

To take serious note of, in order to try as much as possible to prevent it from happening again. I can say, to be honest, that the executive email list second half of the year has been by far the worst half since Refrescando Negocios exists. He had hardly any income and family expenses continu to do their job. Clean the database from time to time: there are many subscribers who are not going to open your emails, for whatever reason (they only came for your free content, your emails go to their Promotions folder and they do not see them, they have mark as spam…). A truly worrying situation. After having pass a global pandemic, we could already see the horizon… or not? 

The war in Ukraine

The Kit Digital effect, the rise in prices, inflation… and the fucking hell of it! The scenario sounds Phone Number SG apocalyptic, yes, but the truth is that all these elements work against business, since people do not open their wallets so easily. Don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us and it’s nothing personal; Of course, from time to time do some cleaning and painlessly eliminate users who haven’t open an email from you for more than 90 or 120 days, for example. Look for an action in your users: From the summer until the month of November (in December I manag to regain my faith), the situation in my The end business was so negative, that I even start planting ses in case I had to close the blinds , with that I tell you everything. 

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