With the arrival of spring, the problems caused by seasonal allergies also appear. What are the most common allergies? Starting from the first days of spring, and until sometime in the middle of the autumn season, the population of the entire globe will face the problems caused by the inhalation of allergens (known as inhalant allergens). The feature of this type of allergens which are taken in by breathing, lies in the fact that they are temporary (seasonal) and in this way they are present for several months. Often, at the beginning of the pollen season and until its end, viral infections appear at the same time.

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With the change of vegetation (plants) the pollen triggers that cause allergic problems also change. During the first days of spring, the dominant Qatar Phone Numbers List inhalant allergens that are present in our external environment are: hazel tree pollen, oak tree, oak tree tall, cypress tree, etc. The months of April-May are the months with the highest concentration of pollen from different trees. From the middle of May until the end of September, the problems will last as a result of the presence of pollen particles in the air, which appears as a result of pollen of different types of grass, mold, etc. The World Health Organization and the best.

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World asthma association have announced the 21st century as the century of epidemics and allergic diseases. With a special emphasis on allergic UK Phone Number List problems in the respiratory tract. Unfortunately, we do not only face problems from the presence of allergens in the air. The unwanted growth of allergens that we inhale is also helped by high air pollution. Especially by the high concentration of radical acids such as nitrogen, sulfur, ozone particles. Benzoates and the like, which cause a great wound in the mucous membrane. Respiratory. Increase the strength of the allergens present, and at the same time make possible the powerful penetration of these air-allergens.

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