Sports Science is the right faculty to obtain a professional preparation that allows you to work as a talent scout, athletic trainer, sports director and more. Unfortunately, a series of myths about physical education have been circulating for some time which block many students when making a choice. Let’s try to clarify things a little. Job opportunities are not all precarious It is not true that the faculty of physical education only offers precarious job opportunities. According to ministerial decree number 250 of 2017, for example, graduates in sports sciences and techniques class LM-68 can teach in secondary schools. with medical and para-medical staff.

It’s not true that you are a second-class graduate

In particular, they can access the following competition classes: A-48 – Motor and sports sciences in secondary education institutions A-49 – Motor and sports sciences in lower secondary schools Myths to dispel about the faculty of physical education: you don’t just work in the gym In recent years, motor sciences have undergone an important Latvia Phone Number List evolution and have become the cornerstone of many projects for disabled people. By enrolling, for example, at the University of L’Aquila you have the opportunity to follow degree courses that include teaching of motor disciplines for disabilities. You will thus learn to manage sports intervention projects with people.

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Sports science isn’t just about fitness

Suffering from mental, physical and sensorial deficits, reconciling your passion for sport with a very satisfying job as an educator, especially on a human level. Sports science isn’t just about fitness Among the myths to dispel about the faculty of physical education there is also the one regarding the field of activity. The three-year and master’s degrees also have a possible outlet in the field of health and well-being. Graduates in physical Saudi-Arabia Phone Number List education can work in retirement homes, rehabilitation centres, hospital facilities and penitentiary institutions. In these situations its role consists in implementing sports programs for the recovery of psycho-physical well-being in collaboration.

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