The 24 worst mistakes in Digital Marketing and Social Media. In addition, normally we focus more on what things we should do in a digital marketing strategy. After that, we offer techniques and advice that we should apply. In addition, but we must not forget that at the base of any learning it is very important to know what we should NOT do and therefore. In addition, what they are the worst digital marketing and social media mistakes that we should always avoid.

Forgetting to attend in-person events

To work our brand on the Internet we must take into account both online and offline or in-person actions. After that, and one of the actions that I consider most effective is attending digital marketing and social media conferences. After that, where we can talk and connect with other professionals. Next week (June 2) for example there is a job function email list great digital marketing conference. After that, in Malaga and where you have the opportunity to have dinner with the speakers. In addition, so it is a great opportunity to network with great marketing professionals.

Do not associate objectives with the contents

Do not associate objectives with the contents. After that, Generating content just because or because someone told. In addition,  me that I have to publish something every week does not make any sense. It is very important that each content is chosen strategically. In addition, that it has a very specific Phone Number SG objective. It is also important to define the tactics that we are going to carry out and that are associated with the publication of content. It is in your hand to turn content into a very effective marketing strategy.

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