More and more men present themselves to urology due to certain diseases related to the urogenital system. Says dr. Daniel petrovski, urological surgeon at the “acibadem sistina” clinical hospital. We talked with him about the most common diseases related to men’s health, on the occasion of “movember”, the month of men’s health. Is it true that men over the age of 45 think more about their hairstyles than they do a urologist check-up? Petrovski. During the last few years, men’s health has started to be talked about. Which has helped to increase their awareness. From my daily experience, i can say that now more and more men voluntarily present themselves.

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Starting at what age should men go to the control more often. Which diseases related to men’s health are more common in macedonia? Petrovski: problems with the urogenital tract can appear at any age. Therefore, immediately after noticing something, they should immediately present themselves for a urological check-up. The most frequent Vietnam WhatsApp Number List diseases for which men ask for a urological check-up depend on the age of the patients in question. If we talk about children, of course we are dealing with congenital diseases of the urogenital system. Such as undescended testicles, phimosis.for urological check-ups, related to certain diseases of the urogenital system.

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Narrowing of the opening of the skin of the penis, narrowing of the passage of urine (urethra) that connects the kidneys to the bladder. Urine. Vesicoureteral reflux (return of urine from the bladder back to the urethra), hypospadias – displacement of the urethral canal. As well as other diseases. In adolescence and young adulthood, problems with fertility (fertility) dominate, probem, which has recently increased significantly. Inflammatory China Telegram Number diseases of the urogenital tract (urethritis, epididymitis …), torsion of the testicles, one of the most urgent conditions in surgery urological. As well as particularly serious problems, such as testicular cancer which is constantly increasing. To which special attention has been paid due.

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