Forget pharmacies and lying upside down in bed during the period of pms and menstrual cramps. A good blend of teas can be the best lifesaver. The plants that are used for these problems are usually: mint, chamomile. Sage oregano green tea, raspberry leaves, ginger, cinnamon, alfalfa, etc. For mild pain if you have a stomach.ache you can drink mint tea or tea with raspberry leaves, oregano or ginger. One to two cups a day is recommended. When you get bored of all this, try a glass of warm milk mixed with half a teaspoon of cinnamon in the evening.

Blend for severe symptoms and pain

Drink fluids often, do warm water compresses on your stomach. Take relaxing warm water baths, exercise regularly and avoid fatty foods. Blend for severe symptoms and pain mix ¼ cup (200 ml) of dried nettle and alfalfa leaves. Half a Lithuania WhatsApp Number List cup of raspberry leaves and alchemilla vulgaris (an herb that helps with menstrual cramps), and a cup of mint leaves. Store this herb mixture in a large, tightly sealed glass container. You will prepare the tea so that you take a spoonful of this mixture. Pour it into boiling water and let it stand for 5 minutes. Then you will strain it and you can drink it hot or cold. You can make larger quantities and drink them throughout the day.

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This disease is common in middle

Cysts This disease is common in middle-aged women and therefore it would not be bad to have dry corn hairs, birch leaves, dried cranberries in your home pharmacy. Take 30 g of each herb. This mixture is placed in half a liter of cold water and left for 4 hours, then let it boil for 5 minutes and when it has cooled, strain and drink three glasses Thailand Email List before meals. This phenomenon is genetically determined, and under the influence of genes each of us inherits a certain type of skin. In people with skin diseases, open pores can also be accompanied by some deformations of certain blisters on the skin. The part of the cheeks is more dominant because the pores in this part of the skin are more open.

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