To understand how targeted therapy works, it is first necessary to understand how the cancer cell works. Every tissue and every organ is made up of cells. Cells constantly receive signals about their growth, division and death. Therefore, The appearance of these signals within cells is linked to various genes and proteins. In normal, healthy cells, each signal is fully controlled. If there is a disorder in the control of the passage of the signal to the inside of the cells, there is a disorder in the mechanisms that are responsible for the growth, multiplication, death of cells and the appearance of cancer. This occurs as a result of genetic changes (mutations).

Side effects of targeted therapy

Targeted therapy aims to correct and modify the disordered messages of cancer cells. Thereby slowing or stopping the uncontrolled growth of the tumor. What is the purpose of this type of treatment? Depending on the spread and type of cancer. Targeted Cameroon WhatsApp Number List therapy may be used to: – slowing down the growth of cancer – destruction of cancer.  Therefore, Cells that have spread to other parts of the body – reduction of symptoms caused by cancer – complete healing of the disease. Difference between targeted therapy and chemotherapy targeted molecular therapy affects the cells that are responsible. For the cancerous disease and does not harm healthy cells and tissues.

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How is targeted therapy taken

Chemotherapy as a standard treatment Egypt Telegram Number during cancer treatment enables. Therefore, The destruction of cancer cells. Its cytotoxic activity can also cause damage to healthy cells that have the capacity to repair. Unlike cancer cells that do not have this ability. The difference between chemotherapy and targeted therapy is actually the ability of targeted therapy to attack only. Cancer cells, as it is aimed at specific targets that only characterize cancer cells. Therefore, As a result, the side effects are less severe compared to those caused by chemotherapy. However it should be noted that targeted therapy is often used in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In order to have a more successful treatment. How is targeted therapy taken.

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