A career site is a site, or part of the institutional site. Dedicated to hr which has the aim of pre-selecting potential candidates. Providing information about the company in a transparent way. It is usually made up of one or more pages (also called a career page, if it is an isolated page) and can deal with various topics. A career site must therefore certainly contain a list of open positions. But this is only the first step. A site dedicated to the process of attracting new talent should. Contain much more information about the company, such as the mission. Vision and values ​​but also communications relating to what to expect once you join the company.

Characteristics of a career site

Therefore a site dedicated to careers should be a practically Georgia Phone Number List obligatory step in the candidate’s journey and therefore should not be underestimated. Furthermore, the topics of user experience and candidate experience remain. The first is important for navigation and to find the information necessary to evaluate the application. The second is important to make candidates understand if your company is the right place for them and to bring the right ones to the selection process. 7 advantages why you should have a career site A career site is therefore a place where potential.

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What does a careers site contain

Candidates find out not only about open positions but a place where they can find information about the company. Understand if that company is the right place for each of them. As we have seen when talking about employer branding and employee Norway Phone Number List value proposition. Every company should make its culture available, make people. Understand what it means to work in that particular environment. And what behaviors from colleagues should be expected on a day-to-day basis. In short, let’s say that a company is generally responsible. For better or for worse, for how a candidate perceives it from the outside and for giving him or her a preview of what life could be like inside there.

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