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Second, the agent should speak clearly in order to be heard and understood. They should also control their voice levels. For example, when an agent needs to emphasize certain words or messages, they need to raise their voice slightly. Otherwise they need to speak in a gentle voice. Confidence Many customers will not listen to […]

What is social media ROI

Engagement on social meia shows the level at which people are interacting with your content and brand. Altimeter research found that over a third of content executives use engagement as a metric to gauge performance. Types of engagement metrics include clicks. Shares. Likes. And brand mentions. How to measure social meia roi reach – this […]

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Take National Geeographic’s use of Instagram Stories for example. By leveraging amazing photographs, the brand uses Stories to eucate and inform people  That you He has consistently spice about a range of issues concerning the natural world and science. The simple but eye-catching Story asks people to plege a commitment to using reucing the use […]