I Have Experience in

The Social Communicator and Journalist. I Have Work in Digital Journalism and Social Mia, and  Investigative and Data Journalism. Winner of the Accenture Journalism Award in the Business and Technology Category. I Complet a Diploma in Investigative Journalism With Cide México and the Ford Foundation. E-mailfollow Me in White Paper Coffee Axis New Focus of […]

Professional treatment for premature babies

For the successful operation of the only department of this type in terms of private hospitals, in the counlinical hospital. Since when has the neonatal intensive care department been operating at the clinical hospital and what is its purpose? It has the most modern modes of mechanical ventilation, non-invasive models of mechanical ventilation, total parenteral […]

Radio frequency against cellulite

If you haven’t been paying attention to doing exercises and you think that cellulite is to blame for the fact that you can’t wear your short clothes. Radio frequency is the savior you need. This makes it possible for you to successfully deal with cellulite and local adipose (fat) layers. How radio frequency works. Therefore, […]

Get the sale right in the first contact

In order to succeed in doing business on the Internet and your presence on the Internet, you need to look for a good web site. A web hosting or web host is a service provider that allows and provides service technologies for any individual or organization to post their web page(s) available on the Internet. […]