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Add to Them Are Deniers Like

The Depos Evo Morales, Arturo Murillo, Dresses as a Police Officer to Announce the Fight Against the Coronavirus With a Military Speech and Threatens Everyone With Prison.  Jair Bolsonaro , Who, of Course, Do Not Ne the Coronavirus to Believe in a State That Represses the Population. There Are Many Progressives in the World Happy […]

Cough relief teas

The scientific name of the linden flower is ’tilia’ and it is known as the ‘nectar of kings’ because of its great benefits for human health. Since ancient times it has been used as a medicine to cure many diseases. Stinging tea is a natural expectorant. It also helps relieve or remove cough, relieves bronchitis […]

Targeted therapy manages to identify

To understand how targeted therapy works, it is first necessary to understand how the cancer cell works. Every tissue and every organ is made up of cells. Cells constantly receive signals about their growth, division and death. Therefore, The appearance of these signals within cells is linked to various genes and proteins. In normal, healthy […]

Be careful with drinking alcohol during minus

Regardless of whether it is cold or hot, sudden temperature changes are not good for the human body, which is why problems often appear. Usually, people protect themselves from the cold and do everything to keep warm. The negative thing about cold weather is the fact that it causes immediate narrowing of the blood vessels […]