One That Thinks in Terms of

The From Certain Progressivisms – Who Look to Authoritarian States as Models. Meanwhile, Others Think About the Ne to Recover and Reinvent the Best Socialist Tradition: the the State and Well-being in Democracy, Appealing to Robust Civil Societies That Are Capable of Producing a New Global Social Pact to Confront Fear. What Type of States […]

What damages heart valves

Symptoms of heart valve diseases can appear depending on the speed of development of the disease. If the disease progresses slowly, the heart may adapt to the symptoms and they may not be noticed. Some of the symptoms are similar to those of heart failure: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing even during the slightest physical […]

Frequently asked questions about upper respiratory

Upper respiratory infections usually appear during the autumn and winter season, starting from September to April. During this period, both adults and children stay indoors and warm. Dry and unfiltered air makes the respiratory tract mucosa more susceptible to viral infections. However, this does not mean that they cannot appear during other seasons of the […]