It remains the opinion that the greatest threat to women is breast cancer, but fortunately, awareness prevails that early detection and treatment enables a permanent cure in a large percentage. For this reason, more and more women practice preventive checks for the early detection of breast cancer. What is depressing is that the latest worldwide statistics show that the risk of heart attack is greater in women who have more severe forms of the disease and have a higher risk to life compared to men.: Chest pain or discomfort Chest pain is the most common sign of a heart attack. it can be strong and cause pressure in the chest or appear only on the left half of the chest.

Pain and nausea in the upper part

Women tend to be more resistant to pain, since India Phone Number List during the occurrence of chest pain they present later for the check-up. Another reason is the idea that the occurrence of heart attacks is rarer in women, which makes them think that the difficulties they feel are not related to diseases of the blood vessels in the heart and the possible occurrence of heart attacks . Thirdly, the most important thing is to perform preventive examinations which can detect the risk of heart attack in time, thus making it possible to prevent its occurrence, since women perform these checks much less often and much more often. late compared to men.

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Lack of air and asphyxiation

The most well-known classic difficulties associated with the appearance of a heart attack are: pain in the central part of the chest and back, which extends or spreads to the left arm, especially in the inner part below the elbow (the inner part of the forearm). These problems appear in both men and women. However, women can often have vague and Benin Phone Number List milder concerns or problems that can be overlooked. In this way, the risk of disease increases, especially the risk of the most severe form of this disease. According to Dr. Daniela Projevskės, cardiologist at the “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital, these are the 6 most common symptoms of a heart attack in women.

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