Strategy and practical  includes marketing activities relating to the communication to people. And companies via email of dem (direct email marketing or commercial messages). Therefore, News and updates on the sender (newsletter) or notifications linked to a user’s. Online business activity ( transactional emails). Email marketing is a direct communication tool . A “one to many” communication that is delivered to the recipients’ individual email inboxes. Email marketing strategies change based on the intentions of the sender and the communication. Therefore, Choice (for example, the text and design structure of a dem are different from that of a newsletter ) and for the most part they seem to have been discussed.

Reduced costs

Xtensively in articles of blogs and books on the subject. Therefore, The definitive death of email marketing has been proclaimed several. Times and this Finland Phone Number List has happened every time a new communication tool debuted on the market (what happened, for example, with social media). In reality, what seems like a well-known and over-explored channel is instead. A constantly evolving medium and subject to important variations that must be studied regularly. One above all the express consent of users and the gdpr which has not yet made everyone aware. Therefore, Agreement on the correct actions to take to avoid violating regulations and provisions.

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User loyalty

Newsletter or dem: the differences a little clarity is necessary to be. Able to distinguish real newsletters from dems. The newsletters have an informative Nigeria Phone Number List content and are sent periodically with the aim of informing. Building loyalty and promoting the company’s image. Dems aim to increase turnover by offering promotions. Coupons and discounts . Therefore, The audience they are aimed at is carefully profiled by selecting gender, age and often even interests, therefore they obtain greater. Therefore, Feedback in terms of readings and clicks. Evaluate and choose which of the two types of emails to use based on. The digital marketing and marketing objectives you set yourself. Email marketing objectives.

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