Let’s try to answer some simple questions. Are social media the right tool for communication? At times, if used correctly, I would say yes. Are they a tool for lead generation ? Again, why not. As long as we abandon the bad habits we’ve picked up in recent years. As always, it all depends on your goals. I f you have very interesting and engaging stories to tell your customers then social media is probably the perfect place for you. If you want to do lead generation, the way you have to relate to your prospects changes radically and you have to know how to manage the data you collect. If you want to promote your products, perhaps it is better to take other paths.

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Let’s try to approach the topic from different Austria Phone Number List points of view, considering every aspect with the right sincerity: if you can be relevant, everything is fine. In all other cases, perhaps it is better not to waste your time and budget. Linkedin, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, TikTok Let’s take Linkedin, for example. The business social network par excellence manages, despite itself, to be a confusing and boring platform. The stream is a single stream of self-promotional videos and posts – accompanied by indulgent comments – in which professionals boringly talk about themselves and their companies, their certifications or successes, almost always without any real content.

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Hey we were at a very important event”, Attention! We have this innovative product and we are leaders of” (yeah, let’s resign ourselves to the fact that we live in a world of leaders, second place is not allowed). This type of posting is a total waste of time. And in fact Linkedin continually tries to introduce new correctives to give meaning and Iceland Phone Number List value to its news flow. The last one is the polls, but can these alone be able to give meaning to the platform or will they be used – once again – in a distorted and banal way.Tik Tok is growing exponentially. Dances to the beat, dubbing, then dubbing, more dubbing of dubbing… Certainly a very interesting platform but perhaps not yet mature for a business market.

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