We have seen several times how consumers do not choose a product only on the basis of its functional characteristics (think of the Rolex for example), but are moved to purchase by various factors, one above all the experience of brands which, in recent years.  It has replaced the shopping experience. In the case of the aforementioned watch. The explanation of the reasons why I am willing to spend such an amount to be able to read the time is obviously not to be found in the function of the object itself but in the satisfaction of personal or social emotional needs. In short, I don’t always need something and buy that. And, even in this case, I usually choose a company that guarantees me a certain level of experience. Apple, for example.

Tactics vs. Content strategy

Content marketing and storytelling are part of the customer experience and increase their involvement with the Brand. Let’s Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List see what content marketing and storytelling are and what differences there are between the two. Definition of storytelling Storytelling is the art of engaging audiences through engaging and memorable storytelling. Through the use of videos, articles, podcasts and even infographics, we try to create an emotional connection with the audience by offering a story that is interesting and relevant to them. Characteristics: Focused on the human experience and emotional involvement. It can be used as a single element in a larger marketing strategy.

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Measuring success

Often uses story arcs, characters, and themes to make the message more engaging. Not necessarily focused on directly promoting a product or service, but more on building a brand or creating awareness. Definition of content marketing Content Kazakhstan Phone Number List marketing is a long-term marketing strategy that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately drive customer action profitably. Content can range from blog articles and videos to white papers and e-books. Characteristics: Focused on specific marketing objectives such as generating leads, increasing sales or building a brand.

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